Independent yield studies
for photovoltaic systems

Independent yield reports are the basis for a well-founded planning and funding of your solar projects.

The specific yield and performance ratio of your pv system is simulated using precise historical insolation and weather data at the individual site.

The orientation of the modules and specific parameters of the system are considered as well as loss factors, shadowing influences, surface contamination, snow covering, self-consumption and the low light conduction of the modules to precisely calculate the total yield of your pv system.

On-site inspections to identify structural or topological influences on the modules, like shading from trees etc., are optional available.

An independent yield report is the foundation for a realistic revenue calculation of your pv system. It is widely accepted by financial institutions, banks, and investors.

For smaller projects up to a size of 1 MWp, we offer a highly standardized and therefore very economic procedure. The so-called yield estimation is based on the same principles applied on yield reports for large-scale projects but is more tailored to custom needs in the commercial market. This enables us to provide a very fast processing time of only a few days.

Features of an independent yield calculation:

  • Summary of site specifications
  • Forecast of specific yield and site performance based on long-term annual average of insolation data at a individual site
  • Additional time series of historical insolation data of a particular site in hourly resolution is optional available
  • Comparison of several irradiation sources
  • Considering specific loss factors like shading, snow coverage etc.
  • Comparison with other yield reports (e.g., planning yields reports of the EPC)
  • Monthly distribution of the grid feed in*
  • Probability distribution of the specific yield*
  • Site visits with recording of the specific shading situation optional available.
  • Basis for the performance evaluation during operation.

* except yield estimation