On-Site Inspection

Regular inspections and measurements are preventing your systems from yield losses and critical safety issues.

Even for smaller systems it is already beneficial to check those from independent experts.

During our technical inspections we support our customers to identify and document the status of their PV systems.

Failures are identified and solutions are developed together to protect your investments.


  • Visual inspection and documentation of the PV System including yield relevant parameters like shading, orientation of the solar generators etc.
  • Measurement of electrical parameters like open circuit voltage, short circuit current and insolation resistance.
  • Sample measurement of the module power.
  • Thermographic inspections of the solar generators, electrical connectors and general electrical components using drone and hand bases thermography.
  • Check of the cable routs, labeling and general safety.
  • Recurrence inspections of the system and safety equipment.
  • Fast, reliable, and economic.