Stabilized and secured grids are essential. With various stakeholders in the renewable energy landscape, we support our clients (utilities, portfolio owners and monitoring providers) with designated security concepts and risk assessments. We help building NOC centers, develop internal procedures and design secure monitoring concepts.

Connecting, Managing and Distributing Renewable Energies…

The energy distribution sector has changed dramatic since decentralized renewable systems have increased. While in the past the utilities were controlling their entire production facilities in their regions, now many different users are producing and injecting volatile power into the grids.
Therefore, new challenges in managing and securing the grids have accrued. On one hand the renewable systems with their inverters can participate in the stabilization of the grid by injecting either capacitive or inductive blind power into the grid. On the other side this means that safe communication with the decentralized systems is necessary to control and monitor them.
Many countries like the US have started implementing new regulations and standards to secure their grids. As an owner or builder of a renewable energy system you must be aware of these regulations. Also monitoring companies and operation & maintenance providers need to follow this standard to secure their communication with the systems.
With our experts we help to keep up with those regulations and make sure everything is built in compliance with them. We provide evaluations of your existing processes and support you developing adapted ones.
We train your employees and help to built up your own NOC (Network Operation Centers) in case you are monitoring and controlling systems in-house. We find suitable partners for the monitoring of your systems or portfolios. When it comes to advanced calculations, we are supporting you with our knowledge

Our services for SMART-Grids

  • Security concepts and evaluations
  • Training of employees
  • Support development and implementation of secure processes
  • Project management
  • Grid studies
  • Risk assessments
  • Consulting

Your benefit

  • Keeping you updated on new regulations and standards worldwide
  • Secure and efficient processes
  • Trained employees