We support you designing optimized charging infrastructures, integrated seamlessly into new or existing renewable energy systems or power distribution networks. We help to maintain, monitor, and manage those infrastructures.
We develop concepts for new generations of transportation systems.

Keeping the world in motion…

Under the term “motion” we simply aggregated everything moves powered by electricity. This includes electric vehicles any type where electric motors, batteries or fuel-cells are used. Clearly this only makes sense if these systems are powered by renewable resources.

For that reason, we are focused on the related infrastructures, necessary for this approach.

While electric charging stations are currently the most common products here, we think that in near future power-to-gas systems will get more and more important. Combinations between fuel-cells and batteries can solve already today the problems with limited ranges and charging times. Sometimes even existing infrastructures can be used for example with natural gas produced from methanation of hydrogen with energy coming from renewable sources anywhere in the world.

Our services in this segment cover the implementation of these infrastructures into new or existing renewable energy systems and the development of concepts. Also, we are supporting you monitoring and maintaining these systems.

While power-to-gas facilities are usually operated in conjunction with large-scale solar or wind farms, battery charging stations can be used efficiently with smaller commercial or residential solar systems. Therefore, we are supporting a brought range of customers from different segments.

We are also working as technical consultants when the relatively new solar sector meets the long-established automotive industry with their sophisticated standards and regulations guaranteeing the safety of their products. With our knowledge from both worlds, we are helping to bring both sides together.

Our services for Motion

  • Development of infrastructure concepts
  • Calculations and evaluations
  • Maintenance and monitoring of charging stations
  • Support vendor decisions
  • Quotation evaluation
  • Due Diligence
  • Consulting

Your benefit

  • Seamless integration of charging infrastructures
  • Bringing automotive and solar standards together
  • Innovative new transportation concepts