Our special designed services for medium solar projects up to 1 MWp DC-capacity.
If you are planning a system on your facility, want to increase your power self-consumption e.g., with a battery-storage, need support through the quotation process or experience failures with your existing system, we have the right services for you.

When money is of the essence…

We realized that often for smaller projects technical advisors and independent engineering services are not even considered because of high costs. This is understandable, but we think that also these projects deserve to participate from our sophisticated services securing high production yield and long-term stability. Therefore, we developed a whole new generation of quality and engineering services specially designed for systems where money is of the essence.
Clearly, we haven’t invented the wheel completely new, but we extracted the absolute necessary parts from our advanced services and put everything into a slim process, so we can offer these services for very affordable prices.

If for example on-site-inspections are necessary, we try to combine trips to safe costs.

Our procedures are designed to be very effective. You get the inspection and measurement results already after a short process time. Always focused doing only what is necessary to guarantee high production yields and safety for your system.

Our services for Medium-Scale Solar projects

  • Yield estimates
  • Medium-Project risk assessment
  • Project optimization
  • Quotation check
  • On-site-inspections
  • Measurements
  • Efficiency consulting

Your benefit

  • Everything important at affordable prices
  • Increased production yield and quality of your system
  • Participate from the knowledge we gained from hundreds of projects
  • Identification of project risks and failures
  • Saving costs through consumption optimization