Our services

for each project phase

With our full range of independent services for large solar projects we support our customers throughout the entire project lifecycle.
From technical feasibility studies, full project due diligence, quotation evaluation to independent engineering services and project management.

A successful solar project starts at the very beginning with an idea.

This is where we start supporting you with our sophisticated services and consulting throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, or just in one single Phase.
We make sure everything is perfect from the beginning. Even if there are sometimes risks and hurdles in a project, we are here to manage and overcome them together with you.


During the planning phase, the technical and financial parameters are set for the new project. It is essential to prepare this phase very carefully, since later changes could be significant in cost, if even possible from the technical point of view.

We support you finding suitable project partners and evaluating their quotations to make sure everything fits from a technical and financial standpoint.

Our services for the Planning Phase

What you get

  • Optimized parameters for your technical and financial planning (Specific Yield / PR / Loss-Factors etc.)
  • Identification and management of specific projects risks

When it comes to the actual construction, we are here to make sure the project will be erected like planned. In this phase it is important to identify possible problems at a very early stage when there is still time to have an influence on the project progress. Often there is an advantage when we, as an independent technical advisor, communicate problems instead of the EPC company or other closely involved stakeholders.

Some projects also require detailed milestone reporting to an investor for payment clearance.

Finally, often parts are covered when the system is finalized, and therefore not available for inspections later.

Our services for the Construction Phase

  • Milestone inspections
  • Progress documentation and reporting
  • Interface between stakeholders
  • Upfront testing of components
  • Project management

Your benefit

  • Detailed reports
  • Identification and elimination of possible failures
  • Projects, ready to pass final acceptance tests
  • Independent communication with stakeholders

Before the system is powered on for the first time, or right after, measurements are necessary to guarantee and document the safety and conformity of the system and to make sure high yields can be reached in operation later.

Our service portfolio in this phase starts with a visual inspection of all relevant components and goes up to detailed measurements of the system. We compare the actual Performance (PR) with the predicted one from the Yield Forecast.

If problems are identified, we take care of them till they are solved.

Our services for the Commissioning Phase

  • Visual inspections
  • Detailed measurements in field or lab
  • Punch-list management
  • Project management

Your benefit

  • Status documentation
  • Measurement reports also for guaranteed claims
  • Identification and elimination of identified failures
  • Proof of correct Performance already short time after commissioning

During the operation phase we make sure that the system is performing with expected high yields. This includes regular checks of the system and for example of the O&M provider’s work. We perform measurements on a regular base to guarantee the functionality and safety of the system.

Our services for the Operation Phase

  • Visual inspections
  • Performance checks
  • Regular measurements (DGUV-tests in DE)

Your benefit

  • Status documentation from an independent third party
  • Measurement reports conform with IEC standards and regulations

After the original lifetime of a system, or sometimes already before, there is often the decision if repowering makes sense and is possible. We support you with hard facts to make the right choice.

We help to find the best components and develop together with you the system design for the next upcoming years of operation. We take care about systems with no maintenance and make them fit again.

If there is no “next life” of a system, we help to organize and coordinate the disposal process.

Our services for the Reporwering and Disposal phase

  • All relevant technical studies and calculations
  • Planning support
  • Project management

Your benefit

  • Hard facts for your decision process
  • Optimized parameters for your financial and technical planning

When it comes to a transfer of ownership of the project vehicle (SPV etc.) or refinancing, we support you with our status documentation, Due Diligence, price evaluation and general consulting. We are your independent counterpart for technical questions during contract negotiations or we help to implement the right technical procedures.

Our services for the Transition phase

  • Status reporting including measurements
  • Due Diligence
  • Price evaluation
  • Support at contract negotiations
  • Consulting

Your benefit

  • Documentation of project status from independent experts

Technical support during negotiations