The right dimensioning of a battery-system is key to cost efficient use. Based on your consumption profile, requirements, and local technical specifics, we develop optimized design solutions. We help to find the right system provider and support you through the entire planning, quotation, and installation phase.

Power Storage…

The storage of power is one of the most discussed topics in the industry for the last couple of years. Clearly the reason is, that storage is the last component on the way to obtain power solely from more volatile renewable sources compared to traditional systems.
Covering periods of time where no sun is shining or wind blows, or other renewable sources can cover the power demand, storage is a requirement. Also, for mobile solutions like electric cars, efficient storage is an option.
Even if we are still at the beginning of this development, products are already available on the market. Most of them are used in electric cars or for residential homes, but we also see more and more utility scale systems for grid stabilization.
The right dimensioning of such battery systems strongly depends on the user load profile and local conditions like specific yields at a location, when for example a solar system is connected to charge the batteries.
Our services for you cover the dimensioning of such battery systems to make sure the optimized capacity is available to guarantee a high-power self-consumption ratio and therefor a fast ROI. We analyze your consumption profile and support you finding suitable technical solutions and vendors.

Our services for Battery Systems

  • Analysis of users load profile
  • Dimensioning of battery capacities
  • Support vendor decision
  • Quotation evaluation
  • Angebotsprüfung
  • Due Diligence

Your benefit

  • High self-consumption ratio
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Optimized battery parameter