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Especially for commercial solar projects up to 1 MWp, we offer bankable and reliable services, directly suited to your needs.
The highly standardized procedures identify risks at an early stage to prevent you from defects and project delays.
From the first yield report, above a holistic due diligence, up to technical on-site inspections, we offer all relevant services to optimal secure your investment.
Please also read more about how we can support you, fast, affordable and competent with all your renewable energy projects.

Large-Scale Solar

With our full range of independent services for large solar projects we support our customers throughout the entire project lifecycle.
From technical feasibility studies, full project due diligence, quotation evaluation to independent engineering services and project management.

Medium-Scale Solar

Our special designed services for medium solar projects up to 1 MWp DC-capacity.
If you are planning a system on your facility, want to increase your power self-consumption e.g., with a battery-storage, need support through the quotation process or experience failures with your existing system, we have the right services for you.


Wind & Renewables Portfolios

A mixture of different renewable energy types in your portfolio increases production stability and reduces financial risks. We help to integrate and manage those portfolios independently. We provide full due diligence studies, and profound analytics. We support you during project transitions and with training and consulting throughout the entire lifecycle.

Battery Systems

The right dimensioning of a battery-system is key to cost efficient use. Based on your consumption profile, requirements, and local technical specifics, we develop optimized design solutions. We help to find the right system provider and support you through the entire planning, quotation, and installation phase.


We support you designing optimized charging infrastructures, integrated seamlessly into new or existing renewable energy systems or power distribution networks. We help to maintain, monitor, and manage those infrastructures.
We develop concepts for new generations of transportation systems.


Stabilized and secured grids are essential. With various stakeholders in the renewable energy landscape, we support our clients (utilities, portfolio owners and monitoring providers) with designated security concepts and risk assessments. We help building NOC centers, develop internal procedures and design secure monitoring concepts.

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