Dr. Daniel Faltermeier

Founder and Managing Partner

Dr. Daniel Faltermeier is Founder and Managing Partner of helioconsult GmbH. He is currently 100% shareholder of the company.

Prior to founding helioconsult GmbH in 2018 he worked 9 years for meteocontrol GmbH in different positions.

Latest as Managing Director for the North American Headquarters. There he was primary responsible for the restructuring and adaption of the products and services to the North American Market.

Before this position he built up the Quality Service and Consulting Department for meteocontrol which he was also heading for over 6 years.

During this time he was responsible for Independent Engineering Services and Consulting for hundreds of solar projects worldwide with an total investment of more than 15 billion$.

Dr. Faltermeier earned his Diploma degree in Physics at the University of Stuttgart in 2004.

After his PhD in Experimental Physics in 2007 at the University of Stuttgart, he worked for Bosch GmbH in the Automotive Sector.

During his Studies in Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Lincoln, Nebraska he already founded his first company for IT-marketing and security solutions.

Dr. Faltermeier has more than 17 years of experience in renewable energy, IT and quality management.